About us

Story of moss and fern

At the edge of the forest. At the end of the journey. On the border of Wallachian wilderness. Among oaks and beeches. You will find there a place we have called At the Edge of the Forest. Experience the tranquillity of a family-run guesthouse combined with a modern restaurant. We cook and bake only with local ingredients and rely on hard work of local people. We have decided to return to this place again. We replaced two buildings of the former Forestry Forest Guard in 1892 with new ones.


We have retained the original floor plan and architecture of the main building with two typical gables. We have long looked for a place where we could spend free time with good food and friends, and in the end we decided to build such a place. Not only for us but also for all lovers of good gastronomy and pleasant seating in a peaceful environment.

Where to find us

Not all roads lead to the edge of the forest.

See where you can reach us.

Podlesí - Křivé 610, 757 01 Valašské Meziříčí


email: penzion@nakrajilesa.cz

telephone: +420 572 540 398


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