As Count Jiří Háj donated

Our guesthouse is situated on the territory of the former forest farm "Hájovna", whose historical roots date back to 1435, when these mansions were held by the lords of Rožnov. It then passed from Peter from Cimburk to St. Jiří z Pezinka, who in 1502 donated land to the town of Valašské Meziříčí.


Dear visitors, dear guests,

welcome to a place formerly called Řehlov, which merges with the history of the town of Valašské Meziříčí and Podlesí.

The guesthouse is situated on the territory of a former forest farmhouse "Hájovna", whose historical roots date back to 1435, when these mansions were held by the lords of Rožnov. It then passed from Peter from Cimburk to St. Jiří z Pezinka, who in 1502 donated land to the town of Valašské Meziříčí.

"The fourth leaf on the forest and not the grove in the words of the city and the Desert told by Řehlov. I am the Earl of St. George and the Pezinok, the Duke of Sedmihrad, the heir of the goods of Rožnov and his coats of arms, I know to do this list in general, and to all who clean it up or hear it, that they have come forward and are cautious wise men bourgeois people of my service and endeavor and the humbly pleadings I begged for me to give them the forest of Haj, which is called Urban, because it lies above the city and the swamps of Pachov and Kriv and the meadow for the grazing of their cattle, and forgive me to add to them the domain of Gulhlov, to which estate sometime said Gulhlov was established . Therefore I promise the Earl, the Count of Peter, first of all for myself and for my descendants, that they have this my giving to the bourgeoisie, and they will be preserved faithfully, and not destroyed in all. "


The first preserved photograph from 1911 Photograph from 1937 - forester Handl Photograph from 1957


The first preserved photograph from 1911 Photographs from 1937 - Fieldl Handl Photo from 1957.

Until 1863, this donated forest property was managed without any forest management plan. Timber mining was carried out according to the needs of the city and its citizens. It was only in 1864 that a forestry plan, prepared by the farmer František Demel from the Poličná estate, was created for the forest property. Since then, forest management has been spoken in this area. In 1910 Josef Handl (1911-1947) took over the forest management of the town. For urban forest management, the epoch is becoming the greatest. The memorial of this prominent landlord is about 100 meters away, at the wooden cross of St. Anny.

It is worth noting that in 1947 the MNV filed an application for the assignment of the hereditary property of the heirs to Karel Zierotin in Poličná, which property after the liberation of the Czechoslovak Republic was confiscated under the decree of President Beneš (number 12, dated 21 May 1945) property declared. However, the request was unfortunately not approved.

In 1952, this forest estate was transferred to the Forests of Valašské Meziříčí, with effect from 31 March 1952 under the administration of Czechoslovak State Forests. An unforgettable person from this period was the playwright in Podlesí, Mr. Karel Fridrich, whose section was for the most part former town forests. In 1991, on the basis of Act No. 172/91 Coll., On Historic Property of Towns and Municipalities, the municipality of Valašské Meziříčí restored the forest property, since this year the "City Grove" and the Hájovna became the property of the town.

Since 2005, this Municipal Hájovny object has been uninhabited and within a few years, due to the poor technical condition of the Hájovna, it is becoming a disastrous dilapidated building. In 2007, local people, husbands Jiří and Marcela Barošová were bought. The old manor house and adjacent land were repaired and built up in almost identical form. The aim was to preserve the original character of the village architecture, which, in cooperation with the designer Ing. Radim Holiš certainly achieved. The same wooden elements in the shield, the combination of stone and wood, as well as maintaining the same ground plan of both buildings, all with a sense of detail in the exterior and interior. In this beautiful location of the farm building a restaurant with the same open space layout was built, as was the original barn building and a beautiful guesthouse was built on the site of the old manor house. The construction started on July 24, 2015 and was completed on May 23, 2017. The whole building was attended by important local companies who proved that they are really skilled in the Wallachian construction craft. This is a great thank you for all of them.

Reconstruction of the Hájovny in 1937 ... and 60 years later, reconstruction of 2016.


Reconstruction of the Hájovna in 1937 …….and 60 years later, the reconstruction of 2016


We, husbands,George and Marcel Baros, declare honestly to all of us that we will take care of this beautiful place, protect it and care for it with the greatest love and will of the good landlords.

We want this place to become godly and welcoming to all people of good will and to all the beings who visit this place be happy with reference to all our other generations.


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Not all roads lead to the edge of the forest.

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Podlesí - Křivé 610, 757 01 Valašské Meziříčí


email: penzion@nakrajilesa.cz

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